Helping more than just athletes!

Did you know that our products don't just help you heal and relieve pain?  They also support victims of human trafficking.  We donate 10% of all our profits to helping them heal too.  Will you help us help them today?


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Why Should I Buy?

Extra Strength

There's pain relief and then there's extra strength pain relief!  We wanted to make sure whatever hurts you finally goes away. It gets the job done... Guaranteed!


We wanted to make our products as convenient as possible so we offer a nice, round tin for easy access. With 3 ounces of nature's goodness, you'll be set for a while.


We also offer a pocket-sized tube that you can take with you wherever you go.  From the mountains to the sea... or office, gym, the car, whatever.

Organic and Loved

Our products are 100% organic and so far we have yet to hear from anyone who does not love it - from the wonderful smell to the cool, soothing feeling it provides.

Supports Charity

10% of all our profits go towards the fight against human trafficking.  You can be a part in putting an end to this terror happening right here at home!

Other Products

Our own line of deodorant and lip balm already out.  We are very interactive.  Shoot us an email of any other ideas you may have or message us on social media.


New products are coming soon!

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