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About Us

Our Philosophy

RxBalm is inspired by our motto “As Nature Prescribed.” Our goal is to create a product that reflects and utilizes the natural restorative and healing properties of plants. We aim to always use the highest quality and purest oils, butters and essence. Not only that, but to find ingredients that are grown, harvested, and processed in sustainable and ethical ways. By doing so, we can bring you a superior product while also promoting a sense of stewardship over the earth and its resources.

Our products are designed to support and nourish the lifestyles of the active, lively and free-spirited! We sell all-natural, organic pain relievers, lip balms and deodorants. Each of our products contains only pure and natural ingredients.  Our products are infused with therapeutic essential oils that will relax sore muscles and help you recover from the epic adventures you love!  Our products are eco-friendly, phthalate free, petrochemical free, paraben free, and animal friendly. 

We are dedicated to bringing you quality products made with nature’s finest ingredients.